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Why Germ Wipes?

You need the best to fight colds, flu, and viruses.

When it comes to fighting germs, Germ Wipes™ keeps you & your family safe no matter where you are or what you are doing. Our wipes know and have what it takes.

Where To Use

Versatile & Safe to Use Everywhere

Stores Shopping Surface Safety Wipes

Stores & Shopping

Better than hand sanitizer - kills AND wipes germs away at the same time!

Cars Travel Planes Wipes

Cars & Travel

From cars to planes to airports, keep you and others safe.

Schools Dorms Daycare Disinfecant Wipes

School / Daycare / Dorm

The BEST way to stay safe in schools!

Restaurant Kitchen Sanitizing Wipes

Restaurant & Kitchen

Help keep your customers & staff safe and germ-free.

Office Business Disinfecting Wipes

Office & Business

Wipe hands, desks, and phones after interacting with your co-workers.

Gym Fitness Wipes

Gym & Fitness

Help keep yourself and your customers clean & safe after that hard workout.

Our Products

With a wide range of product types & sizes, we have a solution for you.
Antibacterial Wipes

Antibacterial Wipes

Great for hands & skin, no sting, and kills most germs.

Sanitizing Cleaning Wipes Kill Covid Coronavirus

Sanitizing Wipes

Used to sanitize surfaces to a safe level. Pending EPA approval.

Germ Wipes Logo Generic
75% Alcohol Cleaning Sanitizing Wipes Kills Covid

Alcohol Wipes

Kills most germs and viruses in as little as 15 seconds as stated by the CDC.

Disinfecting Cleaning Wipes Kill Covid Coronavirus

Dininfecting Wipes

For cleaning all different types of hard surfaces. Pending EPA approval.

Private Label Wipes / Custom Wipe Manufacturing

If you want to stand out, we can help.

We will use our extensive background and expertise to make the entire process seamless for you.

We Are The Experts

From supplier contracts to FDA registrations, we will handle the whole process.

Any Size Order

We can handle custom orders of 5,000 to 5,000,000 with your branding on any size packaging from 1pc single wraps to 1200 count gym wipes with multiple fabric options.

The Best Customer Service

We are always here for you. Have a question? We will get right back to you in minutes.

Private Label Wipes | Custom Wipes Branding
Private Label Wipes | Custom Wipes Branding
Private Label Wet Wipes Soft Bag
200ct Antibacterial Germ Wipes Wet Wipes

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