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75% Alcohol Wipes

75% Alcohol Wipes
75% Alcohol Wipes

Germ Wipes™ - Alcohol Wipes

The safest product (no harsh chemicals!) you can use on your hands & skin to kill COVID-19, Flu, and many other bacteria, viruses, and other germs in under 30 seconds, as stated by the CDC. Our best-selling product! High quality & strong material that is also extra soft, gentle, large size, and thicker than most wipes. Gentle on Hands - Tough on Germs!™

Recommended by the WHO and CDC and even Consumer Reports, these wipes are safe, effective, and FDA-Registered. Found in thousands of everyday products, this quaternary ammonium compound is will help fight many different germs.

Available Sizes:

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  • 1pc / 5pc / 10pc / 15pc / 30pc / 50pc / 80pc / 100pc (Soft Bag)
  • 50pc / 70pc / 80pc / 100pc / 160pc / 200pc (Canister)
  • 250pc / 500pc / 750pc / 800pc / 1000pc / 1200pc (Tub / Gym Wipes Bag)

Some Common Uses For These Wipes:

  • Stores & While Shopping
  • Cars, Travel, Airplanes
  • Schools / Daycares / Dorms
  • Restaurants & Kitchen
  • Offices & Business
  • Gyms & Fitness Equipment

More About Wipes...

Formulated for Hands & Skin

It's a very common misconception that all wipes are safe for hands and skin. There are two different types of wipes: FDA Registered and EPA Registered. The FDA governs what you can put on or in your body, the EPA governs what can use used on surfaces (not safe for skin/humans).

Unless you know that a wipe has been approved by the FDA, the wipe should NOT be considered safe to use on your skin! We have all the needed approvals to make sure we are keeping your and your family SAFE from germs by only using FDA Registered ingredients.

Wiping Hands Germs Wipes

Wipes vs. Hand Sanitizer

You may have asked yourself "Why do I need wipes? Can I just use hand sanitizer?" It's a great question - and one we get often! Here are the proven reasons:

  • #1 = Wipes kill germs AND also wipe them away!
  • You can wipe your phone (dirtier than your tolet seat!), keys, etc at the same time
  • Can be used when soap & water are not available
  • Can be used to open doors, on shopping carts, etc.
Wipes vs Hand Sanitizer

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